Creating cross-references to bibliographic entries

You can add the corresponding bibliographic source to an existing terminology entry. This can be done by means of a cross-reference to the bibliographic source that has already been stored as a bibliographic entry. In this example, the cross-reference is added to a definition; as a matter of principle, however, index cross-references can be inserted in any text field.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Edit an existing definition or add a new definition to an existing entry.
  3. Select one or several words from which you would like to reference the bibliographic entry and select the item Create index cross-reference from the context menu.
  4. Determine which index you would like to reference and enter the value of the index. The entered value must match the stored index value.
  5. Click OK.

    The index cross-reference will be inserted. The cross-reference will be checked automatically. If the destination of the cross-reference exists and the cross-reference is thus valid, the cross-reference will be displayed in green. If the cross-reference is invalid, it will be displayed in red. In this case, you can correct the invalid cross-reference using the item Create index cross-reference from the context menu.

  6. Finish the editing of the entry definition by clicking Save and then Save entry.
  7. To test the result. Select the entry containing the index cross-reference and click the index cross-reference in the respective definition.
  8. The view will jump to the respective bibliographic entry, which is the destination of the index cross-reference.

    Subsequently, you can return to the previous terminology entry using the icn_cTeM_homograph-voriger icon in the toolbar of the crossTerm Manager.