Index Cross-References

Apart from cross-references to terms, you can also insert cross-references to index values in text fields. To do this, select the word(s) from which you want to link to an index value. You can then use the context menu to select the index cross-reference and define the cross-reference.


You can select the index and enter the index value that you want to refer to.

After creating the index cross-reference by clicking OK, the cross-reference will be displayed in blue and underlined, as usual.


Additionally, you can manually insert index cross-references in text fields. To do this, use the following syntax:


For example, the index cross-reference "… see $%here:Bibliography:Webster%$" points from the word "here" to the index "Bibliography" and to the index value "Webster".

A colon within a cross-reference text, an index name, or an index value must be introduced by a backslash (\), e.g."... see $%here:Bibliography:Webster\:2006%$".