Duplicating Entries

Sometimes, users need to create entries whose contents are similar to other existing entries. For example, in addition to an existing entry with the terms "CD-ROM-Laufwerk" and "CD-ROM drive", the user may want to create a new entry with the terms "DVD-ROM-Laufwerk" and "DVD-ROM drive". For this purpose, existing entries can be duplicated. Except for the entry ID and the entry GUID, this process copies all information of the existing entry (terms, attributes, etc.) to a new entry.


In order to be able to duplicate entries, you must have the rights for creating entries and terms.

If you are not authorized to create terms in one or several languages, the terms will not be copied in these languages during the duplication of the entry.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Go to the entry you want to duplicate.
  3. Click icn_cTeM_eintrag-duplizieren Duplicate entry.

    An overview of the terms including additional information such as indexes and definitions contained in the entry is displayed.

    Terms that are not duplicated due to missing write permissions for the respective language are now displayed in red.


    The icn_cTeM_termduplizierung_homograph icon is displayed to indicate that at least one of the terms to be duplicated still occurs as a homograph in at least one other entry.

  4. Click Duplicate entry to create a duplicate of the existing entry.

    The new duplicated entry will be displayed. This duplicated entry will have a new entry ID and a new entry GUID (and term GUIDs). The administrative information such as creation date of the entry and of the terms contained in it will be set to the time of the entry duplication. Apart from this, the duplicated entry will contain the same information (terms, data categories, etc.) as the original entry.

  5. Finally, you can modify the new entry, e.g. by editing the terms it contains.