crossTerm Web Skins

In addition to configuring the crossTerm Web rights, the crossTerm Web skins enable you to adjust crossTerm Web to your personal requirements - both visually and functionally.

Some of the settings that can be adjusted:

Top and sub banners
The top and sub banners can, for example, be removed and replaced by specific company banners with logos.
Text and line elements
Regarding the layout configuration, all color settings for all texts and line elements can be adjusted to suit the corporate identity of the company.
The appearance of the input field for search queries in crossTerm Web can be customized.
The favicon can be replaced, e.g. with a company-specific favicon.

The appearance of crossTerm Web can be configured by modifying the crossTerm Web configuration file (presets.xml). You can do this with the help of the crossTerm Web configuration tool (PresetTool).


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