Interaction of Across User Rights and crossTerm Web Rights

If a user only belongs to a crossTerm Web group (crossTerm Web read-only access or crossTerm Web read/write access), only the rights defined for this group will apply.

In contrast, if a user belongs to a crossTerm Web group and another Across user group (e.g. Terminologists or Translators), the rights of the two groups will add up for this user.

However, the situation is different if the user belongs the crossTerm Web group crossTerm Web read-only. In this case, too, the rights will be added up, except for all write rights. Thus, the user will only have read access to crossTerm Web.


  • Consider the following groups available in Across, among others:
  • Terminologists (read and write rights for crossTerm)
  • crossTerm Web read/write access (read/write rights for crossTerm Web)
  • crossTerm Web read access (read rights for crossTerm Web only)

Depending on users' membership in corresponding groups, the following rights for crossTerm Web are available:

User groups
User A
Cannot log in to crossTerm Web (because he/she is not a member of the crossTerm Web group) and has accordingly no rights for accessing crossTerm Web.
User B
crossTerm Web read/write access
Has both read and write rights for accessing crossTerm Web.
User C
crossTerm Web read access
Only has read access for accessing crossTerm Web.