crossTerm Web Rights

When configuring the crossTerm Web rights, you can control the access to crossTerm Web - i.e. research and, if necessary, editing of the Across terminology base - via the Internet. It is often necessary to grant only limited access for viewing or editing terminology, for example, if a translation service provider wants to allocate client-specific terminology to the Client, but without allowing access to the terminology base of other Clients.

The configuration of crossTerm rights can be carried out separately for the following standard groups - depending on the Across license:

crossTerm Web read access
Read access, with login
crossTerm Web read/write access
Read/write access, with login
crossTerm Web read access anonymous
read access, without login

Editing the crossTerm Web rights must be carried out in the Groups module that can be reached by clicking Administration > Groups in the module bar on the left.

In addition to the standard groups, you can add further user-defined crossTerm Web groups, provided that you have the required license.

Language configuration

For each language used in Across, it is possible to define whether this language should be shown to the users of the respective groups (e.g. crossTerm Web read-only access).

To configure a language, first select the desired language. Now select in the drop-down list in the column Access whether access to the language should be possible or if the language should not be displayed (not visible) thus disallowing access.


Configuring additional information

By enabling the respective checkbox, you define which crossTerm Web subsections can be accessed.

  • The following subsections can be selected:
  • Details: provides detailed information on the displayed terms such as picklist values and attributes
  • ·Administrative information: provides information of, for example, the creation and modification date of the displayed entries and terms
  • Concordance search starts the search for the currently selected term in the translation units in crossTank

Filter settings

By configuring filters, you can limit the access to terminology data. The filter options cannot be changed by users of the respective group.

To configure filter options, enable the corresponding checkbox and click Define.

  • The following filters can be configured:
  • System attributes
  • Instances
  • Users
  • Status

When using your Across Server as Trusted Server with crossGrid, the quick filters System attributes and Instances are integrated in the Server filter.