Standard text fields

The initial crossTerm instance Default Across Server is already prefilled with text fields that meet the requirements of the standard ISO 12620.

By default, the initial crossTerm instance contains the following text fields:

Standard text field
Stock-keeping unit
An inventory item or object is assigned a unique number in a company.
The inventory item "Plaid flannel trousers" (size 6), for instance, could be assigned the stock keeping unit 5193-6.
Part number
A unique number assigned to an object in a production system.
Collocations, i.e. common word combinations such as take a picture, the dog is barking, a sunny day. Set phrases or terms composed of several words that describe a single concept, such as electrical current, are not considered to be collocations.
Set phrase
Set, lexicalized phrase.
drag on
for want of evidence
Usage note
Information explaining how to use the term.
Information on the origin of a word and the development of its meaning.
Example: aspirin
Etymology: from acetyl + spir(aeic acid) (old name for salicylic acid)
Graphic representation of the pronunciation of a term. The pronunciation is usually rendered by characters from the International Phonetic Alphabet.
Example: In the International Phonetic Alphabet, the city of Växjö in Sweden is represented as follows: [˘vɛkʃøː].
Division of a word in the writing, for example, at the end of a line, done according to prescribed rules.
Example: apoc-a-lypse
False friend
Word pairs in two languages that are either spelled similarly or are pronounced similarly but have different meanings.
Example: English also (German: auch) and German also (English: well)
A statement that describes a concept and that enables its distinction from other concepts within a conceptual system.
Sample sentence
Providing an example in context is intended to present a technical term in its typical usage.
Term that results from leaving out a part of the full form and describes the same concept. Each abbreviation is derived from the same long form of a term.
International Criminal Police Organization - Interpol
Short form for
Variant of a multi-word term that consists of fewer words than the long form.
Long form: United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (LOS)
Short form: Law of the Sea
Grammatical information on a term such as grammatical gender, grammatical number, or part of speech.
Additional information on an element in the collection of data, regardless of whether it has to do with a concept-related, term-related, or administrative data category.