Creating Groups

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. In the crossTerm Manager menu select Tools > Settings and either on entry or on term level click Groups.
  3. To create a group, click Add.

    The corresponding dialog will open up. When creating a group, it is basically possible to add all existing data categories (text fields, picklists, system attributes, and attachments) to the new group.


    Only data categories, which contain no data can be added to a group. Data categories, which already contain some data, will not be displayed in the list of the available data categories.

  4. Double-click the desired data categories to add them one by one or select the desired data categories and click the >> button.
  5. Select a main data category (3).

    This main data category makes thus the head of the group with the other elements of the group hierarchically subordinated to it.


    Please note that a data category can only be part of one group at a time. Thus, a data category that is assigned to a group cannot be assigned to another group.

  6. Click OK.

    After creating a group, it is useful to add it to one or more templates.

  7. To do this, under Template Management, switch to Entry templates/Term templates. select the main data category from the lost and click Add data category.
  8. In this way, all other elements of the group will automatically be added to the template.