Source-Language Terms

A flag identifies the source language in the lower part of the window containing the source-language information.

Using the icn_cTeM_eintrag-anlegen icon, source-language terms, i.e. synonyms or target-language equivalents, can be added and are automatically listed as hyperlinks under the main term. In the list view, a new term can be added by means of the icn_cTeM_term-hinzufuegen icon at the top edge of the screen. When one of these terms is selected, it automatically becomes the main term and is displayed in bold type at the top.

The selected entry appears below in larger font size with the associated grammatical information. If the term is marked with the icn_cTerm_term-freigegeben icon, the entry has been explicitly released.

Use the icn_cTeM_term-bearbeiten icon to edit the term with the associated term-oriented information. Use the icn_cTeM_loeschen icon to delete the term and all assigned information.

You can copy the current term to the clipboard by moving the mouse pointer over the term and selecting the respective command from the menu that appears.