Search Area and Hit List Display

In this section of the crossTerm Manager, you can search for terms. Apart from an input field, there are various search modes and search filters to narrow down the search queries. The terms found are displayed in a hit list.

Sorting by Instances

By default, the search hits are displayed alphabetically across all instances in the crossTerm Manager. The search hits can also be sorted by instances.


The sorting of the crossTerm search hits can be activated with the new menu item View > Sorting by Instance.

Using the menu item View > Define Instance Order, the order of the instances can be defined.


To do this, copy the instances to the right pane with a double click or using the icn_cTeM_ansicht_instanz-nach-rechts icon. The input field under the available instances in the left pane enables you to filter the list of instances by entering letters or words. Click the icn_cTeM_loeschen icon to delete the input and thus the filtering of the instances.

You can customize the sorting of instances by means of the icn_cTeM_ansicht_instanz-nach-oben and icn_cTeM_ansicht_instanz-nach-unten icons.

Search hits from instances not contained in the right pane are listed at the end of the hit lists.