Additional Information

The area for additional information is divided into three tabs.


Under Details you can see all information that has been associated with the selected term. Picklist entries, for example, are displayed in full and not just in abbreviated form, provided that you gave a full name when you created a picklist.

Administrative Information

The administrative information shows the automatically collected information Created by, Date, Changed by, and Creation date. Across automatically assigns this information via the user name and the computer's information on date and time.

Concordance search

When you click the Concordance search tab, a crossTank search for the selected term will automatically start. The hits will be displayed in a list with search words highlighted in color in the source sentences.

Via Concordance Search, you can define the maximal number of the hits to be displayed.

Apart from this form of concordance search, you can also perform a concordance search by freely definable words.