crossTerm Import

  • crossTerm supports the import of termbases in the following file formats:
  • TBX files (official TBX standard and TBX-Basic format)
  • CSV files (character-separated data, e.g. from MS Excel)
  • Trados MultiTerm data in TXT or XML format
  • TermStar data in MARTIF format

TBX (TermBase eXchange) is an XML-based format that standardizes the exchange of terminology data, e.g. between terminology management systems.

Along with the official TBX format, there is the TBX-Basic format, which is a lighter version of TBX and comprises fewer data categories than the official TBX standard.

The crossTerm Import Wizard can be used to import terminology databases. In the crossTerm Manager, you can start the wizard via the corresponding section on the crossTerm Manager start page, via the icn_wiz_cTerm-import-wizard icon in the toolbar, or via Tools > Import in the menu bar.

Importing terminology from Trados MultiTerm

The export file of the terminology exported from MultiTerm does not contain any information that distinguishes picklist entries from term list entries. This information is only contained in termbase definition files (XDT files), which also contain other structural information of the particular MultiTerm termbase.

To ensure a smooth import of MultiTerm terminology to Across, the corresponding termbase definition file can be selected during the import. Before you importing the terminology to Across, we urgently recommend exporting the termbase definition file in addition to the actual terminology and selecting this file during the import to Across.