crossTerm Export

You can export data from the terminology database using the XML-based standard format TBX or, alternatively, the CSV file format. During the export, you can use the default filters to select the relevant languages and export images, if desired.

The crossTerm Export Wizard can be used to import terminology databases. In the crossTerm Manager, you can start the wizard via the corresponding section on the crossTerm Manager start page, via the icn_wiz_cTerm-export-wizard icon in the toolbar, or via Tools > Export in the menu bar.


When selecting the most suitable format for exporting terminology data, you should especially take the following aspects into consideration.

Usually, we recommend exporting terminology in this format, especially if you intend to re-import the data to Across later on or if you want to back up your terminology.
Not standardized
Exporting terminology data is suitable if you want to edit or process the data outside Across. CSV files can easily be opened and edited in Excel or in a text editor.
Figures can be exported.
Figures cannot be exported.
The decision whether or not to export the terminology in the TBX format also depends on how you want to use the data, as the TBX format – though being a standardized format – is not yet supported as import format by all TM systems.
More universally usable, since it is widely used as an import format.
Complex adjustment within the file.
Easy adjustment within the file.