Objects and Images

Objects and images are copied straight into the target text as suggestions. The object can be replaced via the context menu with the item Insert from file. In the case of objects, the context menu also offers a way to edit the object externally with the item Edit externally if a program capable of editing the object is installed.

Since objects and images are automatically copied to the target text, they are assigned the Pre-translated editing state. Within a translation task, it is always combined with the editing states Touched and Translated, namely as Touched (pre-translated) with the icn_cDesk_zustand_voruebersetzt-bearbeitet icon and Translated (pre-translated) with the icn_cDesk_zustand_voruebersetzt-uebersetzt icon.


Under Tools > System Settings > General > Project Settings Templates > crossTank > Pre-translation Settings, you can globally determine whether they should automatically be set to the editing state or to the final paragraph state.