Creating New Terms in crossTerm

During the translation, you can quickly and easily add a source or target-language term to crossTerm directly from crossDesk.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. To do this, select the desired source-language term in the Context View and the target-language term in the Target Editor.
  3. Click the icn_cDesk_te_in-cTerm-kopieren icon in the toolbar of the Target Editor.

    You can also add a source and a target language term to the terminology simultaneously. To do this, select the desired terms successively in the Context View and the Target Editor.

    After you click the icn_cDesk_te_in-cTerm-kopieren icon, the crossTerm Manager will open in a separate window. The entry will be created, and the term or term pair will be added.

  4. Define the entry and click icn_cTeM_term_ersten-hinzufuegen Add first term.
  5. To do this, select all needed information and click Save and exit for each term.
  6. The new term or term pair will be displayed. You can then close the crossTerm Manager and return to crossDesk.

An option under Tools > User Settings > crossDesk > crossTerm allows the step for creating the entry to be skipped. If the option is activated, the default entry template will automatically be used. Moreover, the option will only apply if no mandatory fields – i.e. data categories that must be processed in order to save the entry – are defined in the default entry template. If mandatory fields are defined, the step for the creation of the entry will be displayed even if the option is activated.