Automatically Inserting Repetitions

With translations, it often happens that the same paragraph occurs several times in one document. For cases like these, Across provides an auto-propagate function: As soon as a paragraph has been translated that occurs more than once, Across realizes this and the corresponding message appears.

By clicking Yes you confirm that the translation should be inserted in the repeat paragraph or paragraphs. Across then jumps to the next repetition.

Click Yes to insert the translation. If there is another repetition, Across will then jump to the next. Click Yes, all to have Across automatically insert the translation into all identical paragraphs. If you click No, Across will not insert the translation into the current repetition and will move on to the next. Click No, none if you do not wish to insert the translation in any of the repetitions.

You can adjust the auto-propagate function under Tools > User Settings > crossDesk > Auto-propagate. You can specify whether the function should be enabled or whether the translation should be inserted in untouched paragraphs only.

The number of repetitions for the current paragraph is displayed in the status bar at the bottom of the screen.


The auto-insert function only checks independently from other Across settings whether a paragraph occurs repeatedly in the document. The auto-change (for numbers) and auto-adjustment (for formatting and tags) settings determine whether and how many of the repetitions will actually be filled with translations.

Example: If the auto-change function is disabled, the auto-insert dialog will also appear for paragraphs with numbers, but if the numbers differ, no translations will be inserted in the repetitions.