Automatically Inserting crossTank Entries

Using the icn_cDesk_te_besten-cTank-match-einfuegen icon in the toolbar of the Target Editor, you can insert the best crossTank hit (fuzzy match or 100% match) for the entire active paragraph to be translated.

If there are several crossTank entries for a sentence, the best entry – i.e. the one with the highest match rate – will automatically be inserted. If there are multiple entries with the same match rate, the most recently modified entry will be inserted.


The current paragraph consists of two sentences for which crossTank entries exist.

Click the icn_cDesk_te_besten-cTank-match-einfuegen icon to insert the crossTank entries in the translation.

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut key Alt+Page Up to insert the crossTank entries in the translation.


Please note that you may need to post-edit the inserted fuzzy matches.

crossTank entries will only be inserted in the current paragraph if the paragraph has the editing state Untouched and crossTank entries are available for all sentences of the paragraph. If, for example, there is no fuzzy or 100% match for a sentence of a paragraph consisting of several sentences, the crossTank entries for the other sentences will not be inserted either.

Under Tools > User Settings > crossDesk > crossTank, you can determine the match rate from which crossTank hits are to be inserted automatically in the Target Editor:


Click the right part of the icn_cDesk_te_besten-cTank-match-einfuegen icon to permanently activate the insertion of crossTank hits:


When you go to another paragraph, the retrieved crossTank hits are automatically inserted in the translation.

You can also use the auto-insertion of crossTank hits together with the option to permanently copy an active paragraph to the Target Editor, which you can activate by means of the icn_cDesk_te_quellabsatz-kopieren icon.

In this case, the option for inserting the crossTank hits has priority over the option for copying the source paragraph, i.e. the source paragraph will only be copied to the Target Editor if there is no crossTank hit.