The auto-complete function enables the semiautomatic completion of words and entire passages in the Target Editor during the translation. During the translation, the system displays proposals that can quickly and easily be transferred to the target text.

To transfer a proposal to the translation, simply select it with the arrow keys and press Enter.

The autocomplete proposals originate from statistical lexica that can be generated with the help of the crossMining tool. The lexica are composed on the basis of the crossTank data of the Across Language Server and statistical probability calculations.


Further information on crossMining is available in the crossMining help section, which you can access on the Across website in the Online Help Portal.


In order to use the auto-completion function, the respective option must be activated under Tools > User Settings > crossDesk > Target Editor. Moreover, a suitable statistical lexicon for the particular language direction must be stored on the local computer on which you are doing the translation.

In the settings of the Target Editor, you can also determine that only words from a certain number of characters are to be proposed in the Target Editor during the translation. In this way, you can prevent short words like articles and prepositions from being proposed.

Deployment of Statistical Lexica

Deploying Lexica

Statistical lexica stored in the default output folder of the Across Server are automatically recognized by Across and deployed to the Across Clients via auto-update.

When a client connects to the Across Server, the date and time of the statistical lexica are automatically compared with those on the server. If the lexica of the client are older than those of the server, they will automatically be transferred and stored in the corresponding folder.

Lexicon Folder

To use the auto-completion function on the client side, the files are stored or must be stored manually in the directory Program Files/Common Files/across/crossMining/dic.

Deployment of the Lexica (crossWAN classic)

When using crossWAN classic, the statistical lexica cannot be transmitted to the clients via auto-update, as the clients are not connected directly to the Across Server. Therefore, the lexica must be sent to the user in a different way (e.g. by e-mail) and then stored manually in the corresponding folder (see above).

Deployment of Lexica (crossGrid)

When using crossGrid (online and classic), the lexica must also first be transmitted manually (e.g. by e-mail) from the Master Server to the Trusted Server and stored in the corresponding folder of the Trusted Server, as crossGrid servers are not auto-updated. From the Trusted Server, the lexica can be further distributed via auto-update.