Finishing Tasks

Once the last paragraph not yet tagged as Translated is set to the final state, Across will automatically recognize that the processing of the task that is currently open has been completed. A dialog window will open up, informing you that the task has been finished.


A list of the QM criteria that have been automatically checked by Across shows which criteria have not been met and how many errors have been detected for each criterion.

You can finish a task even if QM criteria have not been met, except in the case of mandatory criteria.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. If the window has not yet appeared or if you have clicked it away, click the icn_cDesk_aufgabe-abschliessen icon in the crossDesk toolbar.
    • Alternatives:
    • File > Finish Task
    • Ctrl+Shift+F
  3. If you prefer to finish the task later on, e.g. after correcting the errors detected by the QM checks, click Continue Task.
  4. To finish the task, click Finish Task.
  5. After a task has been finished, you can only open it in read-only mode and cannot edit it.