Concurrently Opening Multiple Tasks in crossDesk

If necessary, you can concurrently open multiple tasks. These tasks will be displayed in a single window within the same crossDesk environment. In this way, you can ensure consistency of your translation across multiple documents. Moreover, you can reduce the overhead for processing multiple small tasks.

Conditions for Opening Tasks Concurrently

  • The tasks must have the same source and target languages.
  • The tasks must be of the same type (e.g. exclusively Translation, not Translation and correction or Translation and review).
  • The tasks must have the same workflow.
  • The document formats must be identical (e.g. DOCX, not DOCX and XML).
  • The tasks must all be assigned to the same user.
  • The tasks must all originate from the same customer.
  • The tasks may come from different projects.
  • The tasks may have been created in v6.3.

Display in the My Tasks and Tasks Modules

You can open multiple tasks via the My Tasks or Tasks modules. In the My Tasks module, the icn_meine-aufgaben_aufgabe-zu-auswahl-hinzufuegen icon is displayed to the left of the tasks that can be opened concurrently. Click this icon in order to select tasks. In both modules, you can also keep the Ctrl key pressed and select the respective tasks by clicking them.


If the selected tasks include a task that does not meet the abovementioned conditions, the Open button will be grayed out.


Task Confirmation Window

When opening unconfirmed tasks, you will receive a project analysis as well as information on the individual tasks and documents. You can confirm or reject all tasks together.


Display in crossDesk

Each document has a separate header that displays the document information (1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.) as well as the project name, document name, due date, and number of attachments.


The document structure view of crossView lists all documents separately.


You can select one of the documents at a time for the source and target text preview.