Translating with Quick Translate

These instructions will help you to translate a document with Quick Translate.


Quick Translate provides assistance for the translation of natively supported document formats.

  1. Proceed as follows:
  2. Right-click the document that you would like to translate with Quick Translate, e.g. in the Windows Explorer or on the desktop.
  3. Select Quick Translate with Across from the context menu.

    Across will be started.

  4. Log in with your login data.

    After Across has started, the dialog window for entering the basic information for the Quick Translate translation will appear automatically.

  5. First, select a project for the translation.

    If Temporary project is selected, a project will be created for the duration of the translation and will be deleted automatically as soon as the translation is finished.

  6. Select the needed options.
  7. Confirm your selection with OK.

    After the check-in procedure has been completed, crossDesk will open up automatically, and you can begin translating the document in the usual manner.

  8. Translate the document as usual.
  9. After you have completed the translation, the dialog for finishing the translation will open up automatically.