Using the QM Check (QM v7.0)

All errors found are displayed in the QM view of crossView.


  1. To check and correct your target text, proceed as follows:
  2. Click an error for more information on the particular error and in order to navigate to the respective paragraph in the Context View.

    Conversely, if you click a paragraph in which a QM error has been found, the respective error will be highlighted.

  3. Check the error, the error information, and, if applicable, the location of the error that is highlighted in red in the Context View and correct the error:
    • To accept the proposal, double-click the proposal, click APPLY, or press Ctrl+Shift+E.
    • Manually correct the error in the target text.
    • Click IGNORE to ignore and hide the error.
    • Tip

      Click the icn_cView_qm_hide-ignored icon to show all ignored errors and un-ignore them if necessary.

    • Tip

      If you decide to ignore mandatory criteria, you need to provide a reason.