Correction Mode

A special mode is available for the correction of translations: The Correction Mode, in which the source text is displayed alongside the translation. The source text is displayed in the left column, the translation in the right column, and the editing state of the respective paragraph in the middle. This allows the corrector to work systematically through the text and change the editing states of the paragraphs.


In the Correction Mode, you can only change the editing states of the paragraphs. To edit the content of paragraphs, you need to switch to the Edit Mode or Combi Mode, e.g. by pressing F2.

Click the icn_cDesk_modus-korrektur icon in the crossDesk toolbar to switch to the Correction Mode. Press the F2 key to toggle between the modes. Moreover, in the Across Online client, a double-click on a paragraph will take you to the previously selected mode (Edit Mode or Combi Mode).


The content of the Correction Mode can be saved as an HTML file using the icn_cDesk_modus-korrektur_speichern-als-html icon and be printed via the icn_cDesk_modus-korrektur_drucken icon.

You can switch back to the Edit Mode either by clicking the icn_cDesk_modus-editier icon on the standard crossDesk toolbar, by double-clicking a paragraph, or by pressing the F2 key.

Views of the Correction Mode

Use the drop-down list in the toolbar of the Correction Mode to choose the desired display mode for the source and target text.

  • The following display options are available:
  • Complete overview: Shows all paragraphs of the source and target texts.
  • Bookmarks overview: Shows only bookmarked paragraphs.
  • ·Comments overview: Shows only paragraphs for which a comment has been inserted.
  • Bookmarks and comments overview: Shows only paragraphs that contain either a bookmark or a comment.