Local Data in the Offline Client

From v6.3, offline users can use local TM and terminology entries in tasks assigned to them. Local TM and terminology entries are entries that were not supplied along with a task, but that are stored locally in the data of your installation. Additionally, offline users can store TM and terminology entries of the tasks assigned to them locally.

To identify the origin of the TM entries, these entries are marked with special icons in the Search Center of the crossDesk.


Entry newly created in the currently opened task
Entry from the customer TM on the server
Entry from the local TM

To narrow down the display of the TM entries, you can apply various filters. You can filter both the server TM entries as well as the local TM entries.

Filter for server entries (icn_cDesk_search center_server-filter)
Filter for local entries (icn_cDesk_search center_lokaler filter)

Limitation of the Functionality by the Customer

Please note that the customer (i.e. not necessarily the Master Server, but perhaps the Trusted Server) is the one who determines whether an offline user can use local TM and terminology entries in his tasks. Moreover, the use of local entries may be permitted, but still be limited by filters.

  • Customers can control the use of local data from the Translator Edition as follows:
  • They can permit or prevent the export of TMX data via the user rights.
  • They can permit or prevent the use of data that do not originate from the Master Server via the project settings templates.