Empty Paragraphs

Empty target-language paragraphs are considered empty, and the content of source-language paragraphs is not automatically inserted in the corresponding target-language paragraphs. An alert is displayed if, for example, an empty paragraph is set to the editing state Touched or Translated:


If you select Keep Source, the paragraph will be set to the editing state icn_cDesk_zustand_keep-source (Keep source). This editing state makes sure that the source-language contents are transferred to the target document upon check-out, but without saving any translation units to crossTank – your TM remains clean.

The editing state Keep source is a final paragraph state, i.e. a task can be finished without having to set the editing state of the paragraphs marked with Keep source to another state (e.g. Translated). Moreover, when executing mass operations and automated processes, all paragraphs set to the editing state Keep source will be skipped.

To directly set a paragraph to the editing state Keep source, you can, click the icn_cDesk_zustand_keep-source icon in the toolbar.


The editing state is displayed in the Context View.


During check-out, the content of the source-language paragraphs will be inserted in paragraphs with the editing state Untouched.

If your documents often contain paragraphs that are not to be translated, these paragraphs can be locked or hidden by means of a document settings template or within the scope of a document preparation task. In this way, the respective paragraphs will remain Untouched throughout the project. Thus, the original content will be included in the target documents even after check-out.