crossSearch enables you to do research on the Internet straight from crossDesk. Both predefined and user-defined Internet resources can be queried in the background. The search results can be viewed directly in crossDesk and/or via links.

The available predefined Internet resources include, for example, IATE, LEO, and Linguee.

Not only that crossSearch is not just limited to the Internet, but can also be employed to search an Intranet or even local resources.

You can access crossSearch by clicking the crossSearch tab in the lower window area of crossDesk.

To start a search in crossSearch, simply enter the search word(s) in the input field and click the icn_cDesk_search-center_suche icon. Alternatively, you can select one or more words in the source or target texts in crossDesk and start the search via the Ctrl+I shortcut or via the icn_cDesk_crossSearch icon in the crossDesk toolbar.

The following resources are available by default:

Multilingual online dictionary
The search engine's online translation service
Multilingual terminology database of the European Union
Search for definitions in selected online glossaries and dictionaries
Online translation function of LEO (Munich Technical University)
Online translation function of the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany
Multilingual online dictionary "From Language to Language"
Multilingual online dictionary
Machine-aided online translation functionality of German and English
Online translation function of the German publishing house
Multilingual online dictionary

The search results are listed in the form of links underneath the input field. Clicking one of these links opens a separate browser window displaying the search results. Depending on the selected setting of each of the resources under Tools > User Settings > General > crossSearch, the search results can be listed directly under the names of each of the resources.

You can insert the search results that are shown directly in the crossSearch window into the Target Editor by double-clicking the corresponding entry.

Using the context menu, you can copy marked areas from the results display and, if required, from the Context View/Source View or from the Target Editor to crossTerm and crossTank.

Click the icn_cDesk_cSearch_auswahl-ressource icon to select the resources that will be searched by crossSearch.

You can edit existing crossSearch resources and add new ones under Tools >User Settings > General > crossSearch. In addition, you can deactivate the resources which are not to be searched, and define the order, in which the crossSearch resources should be queried in crossDesk.

crossSearch Toolbar

The crossSearch toolbar offers the following functionalities:

Start search (Using the icn_cDesk_search-center_cSearch-suche-abbrechen icon, the current search can be interrupted, e.g. if the search process takes very long.)
Select languages
Selecting crossSearch resources