The proofreading of translations – i.e. the correction of the form and content of translations – is one of the basic pillars of the creation of high-quality translations. In Across, the proofreading of translations takes place within the scope of the processing of correction tasks that can be assigned to members of the user group Corrector.

Like the translation per se, the correction phase also takes place in crossDesk. As in the actual translation phase, the source document is displayed in the Source View and the translation - in the Target Editor.

The editing state that the paragraphs of a translation must reach within the scope of a correction task is Corrected (icn_cDesk_zustand_korrigiert). A correction task is considered finished when all paragraphs have been set to the Corrected state.

While working on a correction task, translators can delegate paragraphs containing errors or inaccuracies back to the translator, i.e. they can set them to the editing state Touched (icn_cDesk_zustand_bearbeitet).

The correction of translations is part of the predefined standard workflows translation and correction and EN 15038 Standard. Moreover, it is possible to define the correction of translation as part of user-defined workflows.