A comment can be added to a paragraph either via the context menu or via the keyboard shortcut Alt+O. The existence of a comment is indicated by a yellow icon (icn_cDesk_kommentar) under the respective paragraph's state icon and a yellow rectangle over the paragraph icon in crossView. The comment texts can be viewed in the Comments and Changes window. This allows a corrector to inform the project manager of any doubts or queries, etc.

Press Ctrl+Shift+O to go to the next paragraph with comment in the current document. In crossView, you can also filter for paragraphs that contain comments. Optionally, you can enter text that must contain the comment.

In the Comments and Changes pane, you can filter whether you would like to see only comments or changes as well and edit and delete your own comments. If you also have the right Delete comments of other users, you can also remove the comments of other users.


As a matter of principle, it is possible for several users to concurrently add and edit paragraph comments, e.g. if one user is processing the task and another user has opened the task as read-only. Please note that the deletion of comments is limited, especially in case a comment is based on another comment. We recommend using the comment function only if you have exclusive access to the task.

The change history enables you to call up all information pertaining to a paragraph and restore previous editing states of a paragraph.