User-Defined Workflows

If your own translation workflows and processes are more complex than the standard workflows predefined in Across, integrated workflow modeling allows you to define these translation workflows in Across and to seamlessly integrate them in your work with Across.


The workflow modeling is available in the full version of the Across Language Server only and not in the following editions:

  • Small Business Edition
  • Subcontractor Edition
  • Project Management Edition

Creation of User-Defined Workflows

The Workflow Wizard and the Workflow Extension Wizard support you in defining and customizing new workflows.

Run the Workflow Wizard to create new workflows. You can select from one of the already existing standard workflows as the basis for your new workflow or create an entirely new one.

Using the Workflow Extension Wizard, you can expand existing or newly created workflows by adding another process step (i.e. a new task) to the respective workflow. The new task is allocated to a task type (e.g. preparation of the source document, processing or post-processing of the target document). Additionally, the user groups that are to be responsible for processing the new task and the editing states that are to be available when processing the new tasks can be defined.

Click New below the workflow pane on the upper right to run the Workflow Wizard to create a new workflow. To start the Workflow Extension Wizard for extending a workflow, open the Task List tab first and then click Extend below the lower right pane.

We would be happy to assist you in modeling user-defined workflows in Across.


For further information, please consult your contact at Across Systems GmbH.

General information on Across services is available at

Activation and Deactivation of User-Defined Workflows

Once a new workflow has been created, it must be released in order for you to be able to use it as the basis for working on projects in Across. Use the Release button below the workflow pane on the upper right to release a workflow.

Accordingly, to edit or delete a workflow or the tasks within a workflow completely, you must first unrelease it by clicking the Unrelease below the workflow pane.

If the workflow is released, certain properties only can be edited. You can only unrelease a workflow if it is not in use by any project.

Managing User-Defined Workflows

Select a workflow in the workflow window on the upper right or select a task in the Task list window on the lower right and click Properties to view the various stages of a workflow or the user groups responsible for each task and to change them if necessary.

Using the Load and Save buttons, workflows can be imported and exported in XML format.