Workflows: Quality Management (QM v6.3)

The QM-related settings of workflows and tasks can be configured in the Quality management tab of the task properties. For example, you can determine the QM criteria that are to be checked when the respective task is processed.

Determining QM Criteria

Using the Add and Delete buttons, you can add and remove QM criteria to the selected task.

Mandatory QM Criteria

You can determine that certain QM criteria must be fulfilled before a task can be finished. For example, you can determine that a translator can only finish a task if all mandatory criteria have been fulfilled and do not report any errors. However, the translator can declare QM errors as non-errors, e.g. if a report QM error is a "false alarm". Nevertheless, the translator is required to enter a comment to substantiate his decision.

By activating the corresponding checkboxes in the Required column, you can determine the QM criteria that must be met before the respective task can be finished. If some of the criteria are not met, the respective task can only be finished if the translator enters a comment to document his decision.

In crossView, mandatory QM criteria are indicated by a special icon with exclamation mark (icn_cDesk_qm_obligatorisch):


In this way, the translator immediately sees which criteria are mandatory and which are not.

Synchronize with crossGrid

If this option is selected, mandatory QM criteria of the Master Server will be sent to the Trusted Server via crossGrid.

This means that no mandatory criteria can be removed and no new QM criteria can be added on the Trusted Server side. However, QM criteria that are not mandatory can be removed.