Configuring Workflows

Workflows can be configured especially by modifying the tasks contained in the respective workflow.


The predefined standard workflows as well as user-defined workflows can only be edited to a limited extent.

Proceed as follows to customize a workflow or a task:

  1. Select the workflow that you would like to edit in the top right workflow window of the Workflows module.
  2. Click the Task List tab and select the task that you would like to edit.
  3. Click Properties and confirm the following message, if necessary.
  4. In the various tabs of the dialog window, you can now view and modify the task settings:
    • The General tab features general settings for each task.
    • The Paragraph states tab displays the editing states that are available while processing the particular task. These are divided into intermediary states (e.g. Touched) and final states (e.g. Translated).
    • The Assignable Groups tab serves the administration of the user groups that are designated for the processing of the respective task and that can therefore be assigned the respective task.

      To define a user group as an assignable group, add the respective group to the assignable groups with a double-click or by clicking >.

      Click New to start the Group Wizard for creating a new user group.

    • The Quality Management tab serves the configuration of QM-related settings of the particular task.