Context Menu Users

A user's context menu provides the following functions:

  • Delete user
  • Open user's settings
  • Send Across messages to a user
  • Send e-mails to a user (To be able to do this, the e-mail address should be stored in the user settings. Moreover, your e-mail settings must be entered under Tools > User Settings > General > E-mail.)
  • Adjust the user settings of the user
  • Assign the user a (different) user settings template.
  • Add a new language direction for the user
  • Open user's crossWAN settings (for offline users only)
  • Create an overview of the users

Some functions of the context menu can be used even if several users are selected at the same time. One way to select several users is to keep the Ctrl key pressed while selecting the users.


Delete a user only if no more tasks are assigned to him.

To check whether a user still has tasks, you can go to the module Projects > Tasks:

  1. Select All in the tree structure on the left-hand side.
  2. Click the Users column at the top right to display all users to whom tasks are currently assigned.
  3. If the user to be deleted exists in the list of users, activate the respective checkbox.
  4. In this way, only tasks that are assigned to the selected user will be displayed.

    If this is possible under consideration of the project setup, you can now withdraw the tasks from the user in order to delete him.


If you want to delete a user with the Project Manager role, you might receive a warning that tasks are still assigned to the respective user, even if the task overview does not list any assigned tasks. This is because the user had been assigned the project management task of a project that has meanwhile been archived. When a project is archived, the task assignment is deleted, but the "user - project management task" connection is retained.