User Settings: General > E-mail

Use the E-mail area to enter the appropriate information if you wish to use the e-mail functions offered by Across. The stored e-mail address will used to send e-mails from Across. For example, the e-mail address will be used in the following cases:

  • Transmission of automatic notifications by e-mail
  • Transmission of e-mails of an Across user to another Across user
  • Transmission of softkeys from within Across

Enter the settings of your e-mail account in the respective fields. If necessary, configure the Connection security. You can get the needed information from your system administrator or e-mail provider. If you use MS Outlook or MS Outlook Express, Across will usually automatically adopt the stored e-mail settings.


For the SMTP authentication, Across supports PLAIN and LOGIN authentication.

In the Signature section, you can enter the text of your choice, which will be inserted every time you send an e-mail with Across.


In contrast, the e-mail address specified in the settings of the respective user (under Administration > Users > user > Properties > Contacts) is the address to which the e-mails are sent from Across, e.g. when a task has been assigned to the respective user.