User Settings: General > crossSearch

In crossSearch, you manage the resources that are used when carrying out searches with crossSearch in crossDesk. You can edit and delete existing resources as well as add new ones. You can also configure both Internet and Intranet resources.


crossSearch only supports HTTP and HTTPS-based resources.

The following resources are available by default:

Multilingual online dictionary
The search engine's online translation service
Multilingual terminology database of the European Union
Search for definitions in selected online glossaries and dictionaries
Online translation function of LEO (Munich Technical University)
Online translation function of the Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany
Multilingual online dictionary "From Language to Language"
Multilingual online dictionary
Machine-aided online translation functionality of German and English
Online translation function of the German publishing house
Multilingual online dictionary

You can enable or disable a resource for searching in crossSearch by enabling or disabling the corresponding checkbox. A disabled resource will not be considered when searching with crossSearch in crossDesk and can also not be enabled via the crossSearch filters (icn_cDesk_cSearch_filter).

You can use the icn_pfeil-abwaerts and icn_pfeil-aufwaerts icons to place resources in the order in which they should be displayed in crossDesk.

You can add a new resource to the existing ones by clicking Add. To adapt an existing resource, select the desired resource and click Edit. You can delete a resource by selecting it, clicking Delete and then confirming with Yes.

You can use Import and Export enabled resources or Export all to import and export the enabled or all crossSearch definitions in XML format.