User Settings: crossDesk > Source/Context View

The item Source/Context View enables you to configure the source document area of crossDesk. You can select the background color of the active paragraph and, if desired, select a color for the inactive sentences within the active paragraph. It is also possible to display formatting marks in the active sentence of the source document.

In addition, you can determine whether the inactive paragraphs of the Source/Context View are to be displayed in uniform, default style. By default, styles like bold type, italics, and different font sizes and colors are shown in the inactive paragraphs. However, for the translation of certain documents, e.g. PowerPoint documents, which often contain text in large fonts, it may be useful to have the contents displayed in a uniform, smaller font.

You can also define that the current source sentence always appears at the lower edge of the Source/Context View.

In addition you can define the colors used for highlighting crossTank and crossTerm matches found for the active sentence.