System Settings: DST > Word 2007-2016

Apart from e.g. the change tracking settings and hidden text (see below), the settings for Word 2007-2016 documents (DOCX and DOCM) are almost the same as those for the conventional Word documents.

Therefore, please refer to the information regarding Word documents in the common DOC format.

Change Tracking Settings

Click Advanced to configure the change tracking function in the document settings templates of Word 2007-2016.

Firstly, you can determine whether tracked changes are to be retained during check-in. If the option is activated, the tracked changes will be displayed in crossDesk. If the option is deactivated, all tracked changes will be accepted and thus will not be displayed in crossDesk.

However, comments will be extracted and displayed in crossDesk even if the option is deactivated. They can be translated and will thus also be contained in the checked-out files.

Secondly, you can determine whether the change tracking is to be used in the Target Editor in order to be able to reflect tracked changes in the translation as well.

This option can only be used if the option for splitting sentences is deactivated in the splitting settings. Moreover, when using this option, paragraphs cannot be joined in crossDesk. Furthermore, the function is only supported in crossDesk, not in crossDesk Web.

Optional Translation of Hidden Text

Click Advanced to determine in the document settings templates of Word 2007-2016 whether hidden text in the respective DOCX documents is to be checked in and thus be made available for translation in crossDesk.

Optional Translation of Word Document Properties

Across supports the translation of Word document properties for files in DOCX format. This includes meta data such as the title, subject, or keywords of the Word document.

Word document properties are ignored by default; in the document settings templates of Word 2007-2016, you can also determine that Word document settings be blocked or hidden.

If you would like to check in Word document properties and enable their translation, remove the element Document property from the document settings.