System Settings: General > System Attributes

In Across, system attributes, i.e. attributes that can be added to projects and to crossTank and crossTerm entries as additional information, are managed in the System attributes section.

The existing standard system attributes Project, Relation, and Subject are displayed. Moreover, additional user-defined system attributes can be created, e.g. for document types, product models, or brands. The standard system attributes are displayed in bold type.

Selection of Multiple Attribute Values

By default, Across enables the selection of multiple attribute values. In this way, a project can be assigned to several subjects. However, the possibility of assigning multiple attribute values may be undesirable in certain cases, e.g. if crossTank entries of different customers or divisions are not to be mixed. For such cases, it is possible to disable the selection of multiple attribute values. (By default, selection of multiple attribute values is possible.)

To disable the selection of multiple attribute values, click the desired system attribute and click Edit. Then disable the respective option.


After changing a multi-value attribute to a single-value attribute, only one attribute value can be selected for the corresponding attribute of the crossTank entries created after this change. However, existing crossTank entries may still contain several attribute values. To adapt these existing crossTank entries to the new setting, the new action Split multi-value attributes in crossTank entries of the crossTank Maintenance Wizard should be applied.

Default attribute values

Individual or multiple attribute values can be defined as default values in the corresponding default values.


When you create an attribute value for a user-defined attribute, a checkbox enables you to define this value as default value.

The default values are preset when using the corresponding attribute. However, other attribute values can still be selected. If no value has been defined as default value, no attribute value will be pre-selected in the corresponding drop-down list.


Default attribute values for the project creation can be defined in the Project settings templates section.