System Settings: DST > QuickSilver

On the basis of QuickSilver file templates, you can determine the processing and display for QuickSilver files. You can select the templates while setting up a project.

On the General tab you can define how QuickSilver files are to be processed during check-in and subsequently displayed in crossDesk.

On the one hand you can do this manually by clicking Add and then typing the name of the item. Please note that the name must precisely correspond to the name in the QuickSilver document.

On the other hand you can also select a QuickSilver document whose structural contents will be subsequently imported and inserted in the template via Load. Both the structural contents of ILDOC files as well as the structural contents of ILSTY files can be read out. ILSTY files are catalog files of QuickSilver in which style templates are centrally stored and that serve as a kind of document template.

Subsequently, you can select the elements one by one and configure them as needed by means of the Edit button. For every element you can select whether it is as a master, inline, or frame component. Moreover, it can be determined how the contents of the elements are to be processed during check-in and how they are to be displayed in crossDesk (normal, locked, hidden, etc.).