System Settings: General > Quality Management v6.3

Under Quality management v6.3 you can configure existing quality management (QM) criteria for the QM mode v6.3.

In addition, you can define new QM criteria and create new quality management lists.

Creating new QM criteria

To define new QM criteria, click Manage QM criteria and click New. Enter a name for the criterion and, if required, a description.

New, user-defined QM criteria can only be defined in the form of questions to the Across user. For example, it is possible to implement queries like "Does the translation fulfill the requirements of the style guide?". Functional checks that automatically check a translation for certain errors are not possible.

When finishing a task in which the new QM criterion is integrated, the user is requested to confirm a question – otherwise, an error will be reported for the QM criterion (e.g. in crossDesk).

Creating new QM lists

To create a new Quality Management list, click Manage QM list and then New. The QM Criteria List Wizard is started which will guide you through the process of QM criteria list creation.

QM lists enable the individual composition of required QM criteria. You can select the needed QM list while creating a new workflow. Please note that the QM list selected during the workflow creation cannot be changed later on. However, you can add and remove individual QM criteria in the task templates of the workflow.

Managing standard QM criteria

Moreover, you can determine which of the following standard QM criteria are to be checked.

Password Confirmation

A corresponding option can be used to make the user enter his Across user password to confirm the criterion.

For example, this function is beneficial in scenarios in which the content is subject to high quality or confidentiality standards and the user is required to confirm his compliance with these requirements.

If a user wants to finish a task containing such a QM criterion, he must first confirm that he has complied with the QM criterion and then confirm this by entering his Across user password.

Integrating QM v6.3 in Projects

To use QM v6.3, you need to integrate it in project settings templates.

Enter project settings template and select the option Quality management v6.3.