Project Settings Templates: General Tab

In the General tab, you can configure the following settings:

Quality Assurance Mode Settings

Define in which quality management mode you would like to work (v6.3 or v7.0). For the QM mode v7.0 you can additionally select a QM template.

Setting for Partitioning in the Supply Chain

Determine whether your Trusted Server is allowed to partition received tasks.

External Processing Settings

Determine whether tasks can be processed locally and externally within the supply chain. The following actions are related to external processing:

All these actions are performed in a secure environment and may be encrypted to protect your data.

Selecting system attributes

In this section, you can define default attribute values as well as set default attribute values.

Default attribute values

Default attribute values can be defined by selecting the respective attribute values in the Default values column.

The defined default attribute values are preselected when creating a project in the Project Wizard, when using the respective project settings template, but can be adapted by the user. If no value has been defined as default value, no attribute value will be pre-selected in the corresponding drop-down list.

Mandatory attributes

Mandatory attributes can be defined by activating the box in the Mandatory column.

For mandatory attributes, at least one attribute value must be specified when creating the project. However, it is generally possible to adjust the attribute values defined as default.

Attributes designated as mandatory are displayed with a red asterisk (icn_pflichtattribut).