Project Settings Templates: crossTerm Tab

In the crossTerm tab, you can configure the following settings for crossTerm entries:

Word Combinations

In this section you can specify whether multiple-word combinations will be searched for, and if so, what their maximum length should be.

A word combination consists of separately written but semantically linked words, such as New Testament or table of contents.

Additionally, you can determine that stopwords are not to be taken into consideration during the crossTerm search in the crossDesk and therefore not listed as hits.

Background: Sometimes, certain words may be defined both as terms and as stopwords. For example, the English word "Be" or "be" may represent the verb or the abbreviation for the chemical element beryllium. As a verb, it would be defined as stopword, while as the chemical element, it would be a specialized term, i.e. a crossTerm entry. If the source sentence contains the word "Be", this option allows you to determine whether or not "Be" is to be displayed as a hit in the crossTerm window.

Moreover, there are words that could result in unwanted search hits in the crossTerm window and that may occur frequently in a certain language. For example, this could be the case with the German word sich, which the stemming could identify as a word form of sicher. Activate this option to make sure that these words are not displayed as hits in the crossTerm window. For this, you first need to define the particular words as stopwords in the respective language.

crossTerm Filter Settings

In this section, you can select one of the following filters:

  • A user-defined filter,
  • A user-defined filter set or
  • A quick filter

When selecting quick filters, you can define them using the respective button. The following quick filters are available:

  • System attributes
  • Instances
  • Users
  • Status
  • Use the option Only use data provided by Master Server to determine that only data that originate from your Master Server are to be used on the Trusted Server side. If this option is activated, the Trusted Server and offline users will not be able to use crossTerm entries of the Trusted Server or data of the Translator Edition.