Project Settings Templates: crossTank Tab

In the crossTank tab, you can configure the following settings for crossTank entries:

  • Storing Settings
  • Penalties
  • Pre-translation

To define the settings, click on the button of the respective settings. Subsequently, you can make the desired changes.

The following options are also available:

crossTank filter settings

For crossTank entries, you can activate and define filters using the respective button.

The following filters are available:

  • Server context

    Use the option Only use data provided by Master Server to determine that only data that originate from your Master Server are to be used on the Trusted Server side. If this option is activated, the Trusted Server and offline users will not be able to use crossTank entries of the Trusted Server or data of the Translator Edition.

  • Subject
  • Relation
  • User-Defined System Attributes
  • Created by
  • Modified by
  • Project
  • Status

The Restrict Editable Attributes According to Filter Settings Option

By using crossTank filters, the available crossTank entries can be limited to certain subjects or relations. However, all attributes can be selected freely when editing a crossTank entry in crossDesk. If only the attributes determined in the filter settings are to be available for selection, this can now be determined by means of a respective option in the crossTank filter restrictions.


The following example shows a project in which a project settings template limits the available crossTank entries to the Technical Documentation subject.

If this option is activated, only the Technical Documentation subject is available when editing an existing crossTank entry from within crossDesk.


If the option is disabled, all subjects are available for selection.