System Settings: General > MT > Configuration

Configuring MT Systems

Click Add to open the Machine Translation Configuration window. Here you can create a configuration for an MT system. The following configuration options are available:

Configuration name
Defines the name of the MT configuration.
The MT system can be selected here. The following systems are available:
  • DeepL
  • Google
  • KantanMT
  • Moses
  • OctaveMT
  • Tip

    To get even better results, the project relation is transmitted for queries submitted to this system. Additionally, you can enter a substitute relation under Default presetting, which will be used for the query if no results are returned with the project relation. If no results can be found with the predefined relations, the query will be submitted again without the relations.

  • Systran
  • TextShuttle
Enables the input of MT system-specific data such as the login, API key, etc.
Indicates whether the MT system can be used.
Determines for which connected server the MT will be performed. If no servers are connected, only the Local entry will be available for your own server.

In the Languages tab, you can determine the language pairs for which the MT is to be performed.


In the System Attributes tab, you can determine which attributes and attribute values a project must have in order for the MT to be performed. If at least one attribute value exists for every attribute in the project, the MT will be performed. Leave the tab empty if you want to use attribute-independent MT.


In the Advanced tab, you can configure crossTank and sentence-related settings.


Define the match rate below which source sentences are to be machine-translated. If a crossTank entry exists for a source sentence above this match rate, the respective source sentence will not be machine-translated.

Furthermore, you can determine the minimum and maximum number of words that a source sentence must have in order to be machine-translated.