System Settings: General > Information

Under Information you can first specify that only project managers can view information on relations. Translators and correctors will not receive information as to which relation an assigned task comes from.

Apart from that, you can specify whether project members should receive messages and if so, which members should receive them. You can also define whether the responsible project manager should receive a corresponding message when a project has been concluded.

You can also select the type of notification. You can specify whether to send an e-mail, an Across internal message or both.

Automatic E-Mail Transmission

In the subsection E-mail notifications you can configure the automatic e-mail transmission. Use the respective button to customize the text of the e-mails.

Thus you can determine whether online and/or offline users are to be notified automatically by e-mail when a task is assigned or unassigned to them or when a document which was assigned them has been updated.

Moreover, you can determine that project managers should automatically be notified by e-mail when assigned users accept or reject tasks.

You can also determine whether the Trusted Server is to be sent an e-mail automatically after building crossGrid packages.

You can also determine that the Trusted Server is to be sent an e-mail when a crossGrid package assigned to it is withdrawn or deleted.


Please note that the e-mails can only be sent if an e-mail address is entered in the properties of the respective users or crossGrid servers.

E-Mail Text Variables

You can insert the following variables in the e-mail text, depending on the selected e-mail type (task assignment, update, etc.):

First name of the user or the e-mail addressee
Last name of the user or the e-mail addressee
Name of the document
Tasks list including project name, document name, target language and task type (e.g. document translation)
Description of the project (according to the description in the project properties)
Comment on user's rejecting a task
crossGrid package name

Communication between users

Furthermore, there is an option with which you can prevent offline users from sending each other messages in Across.