System Settings: Document Settings

In the Document Settings section, you can define document settings templates for all supported formats. Document settings templates can be used to determine the way documents of particular formats, e.g. MS Word or XML, should be processed during the check-in process in Across and accordingly represented in crossDesk afterwards.

The following elements are available in all document settings templates:

  • The Document settings template drop-down menu to select the desired template
  • The New, Delete, Import, and Export buttons to manage templates
  • A free text field for entering a description of the selected template

The Splitting Settings option is available in almost all templates.

Exceptions: display texts, XLIFF

Using the Splitting Settings button, you can select the splitting of paragraphs in crossDesk. In this way, the texts in crossDesk are displayed sentence-wise, not paragraph-wise. In addition, you can determine that paragraphs with more than a certain number of characters are to be split. This might be useful with very long paragraphs.