System Settings: DST > Document Associations

You can use Document associations to assign documents to related formats, as well as to configure the support of formats provided by crossTransform.

Under Associations by default, you can define how document formats that are natively supported by Across are to be processed during check-in. For instance, you can define, if XML documents should be processed by default as Tagged XML or as Visual XML.

Related document formats

Many document formats are similar to others or are based on them (e.g. XML-based formats) – but not all of these formats are natively supported by Across. Under Document associations you can register these document formats and assign them to the related formats that are natively supported by Across.

  1. Proceed as follows in order to associate a related document format to one that is already supported by Across:
  2. Select the document format supported by Across in the drop-down list that you wish to associate to a related format (e.g. XML).
  3. Click Add.
  4. Enter the file extension, name and/or description of the new file format.
  5. If you wish, you can define a template that will be used when checking in the new format.
    You do not need to specify the pre-processing and post-processing scripts.
  6. Click OK to conclude the association.
  7. The new format has now been assigned to the format natively supported by Across and can now be checked in, processed and checked out of Across as usual.


crossTransform enables the support of various formats via the automated use of plugins. During the check-in process, the corresponding files are converted in a format natively supported by Across (e.g. XML) in the background. The processing is then carried out in Across in the usual manner. During the check-out process, the files are automatically converted back to their original format.

Apart from the default formats, you can also expand crossTransform with additional formats as the need arises. To do this, however, you must have the necessary pre- and post-processing scripts that temporarily change the new format into a format supported by Across and then re-convert it back to its original format after processing has been completed. The scripts needed to do this usually have to be programmed.


For further information, please consult your contact at Across Systems GmbH.

General information on Across services is available at

Across supports pre-processing and post-processing scripts in the following formats:

Executable files
Script files