crossWAN Packaging Templates: General

In the General tab, you can configure the following settings:

Exclude binary data (images and objects)
With this option, you can determine whether images and objects from the source document are to be transmitted to the respective offline translator.

Please note that if they are not transferred, it will not be possible to generate previews of the source and target documents.

Exchange change history
With this option, you can determine that the log contents – i.e. information on changes to the editing states and changes to the translated content – are to be synchronized with the offline user.
Suppress crossTank/crossTerm package creation at task assignment
By default, crossWAN packages for offline users are created immediately after the task assignment. This option enables you to determine that the packaging is to take place not immediately after the task assignment, but only when the offline translator retrieves the crossWAN packages. In this way, you can make sure that the crossWAN packages always contain all the latest crossTank and crossTerm entries. This is especially meaningful if some time passes from the task assignment to the retrieval of the crossWAN package. As the crossWAN package is only generated on demand, it can only be retrieved when it is ready.