crossGrid: Advanced Settings for the Trusted Server - General Tab

In the General tab, you can define basic properties of the selected Trusted Server.

Initially, you can modify the name of the Trusted Server.

Moreover, by activating the corresponding option and by entering an e-mail address, you can determine that an e-mail message is to be sent automatically to the respective server (to the specified e-mail address) whenever a crossGrid package is ready for retrieval. Please note that the respective e-mail settings must also be configured under Tools > User Settings > General > E-mail. You can edit the e-mail text under Tools > System Settings > General > Information.

Moreover, you can determine a crossGrid packaging template that is automatically selected when assigning tasks to this Trusted Server. In this way, the manual compilation of the data to be made available to the Trusted Server is automated.


The data compilation dialog will always be displayed in the crossGrid Package Wizard, even if the Trusted Server has been assigned a crossGrid packaging template. In this way you can check and, if necessary, adjust the data compilation. This does not change the packaging template.

Moreover, you can activate the auto-packaging function. By means of this function, tasks can be assigned to a Trusted Server without manually creating a crossGrid package beforehand. When a task is assigned, a package is automatically built and packaged according to the packaging template settings.