crossGrid: Advanced Settings for the Trusted Server - Data Usage Tab

Under the Data usage tab, you can define which information is to be available on the Trusted Server side.

By activating and deactivating the respective checkboxes, you can decide whether project names as well as relations, subjects and user-defined attributes are to be transmitted to the Trusted Server. In this way, the respective information can be viewed or not viewed on the Trusted Server side. For example, to prevent the names of the relations assigned to the respective project from being displayed, you can deactivate the respective option.

Please note that if the option is activated, user-defined attributes will be transmitted to the Master Server and are e.g. visible in the crossTank Manager, but are currently not displayed in crossDesk.

The crossTank and crossTerm entries that are sent to the Trusted Server for the processing of the assigned tasks are available on the Trusted Server side until the last task assigned to the Trusted Server is finished and sent back to the Master Server. Only after the last tasks have been sent to the Master Server, the entries will be deleted from the Trusted Server.

Please note that in the case of changes of the data usage settings, the previously created and not yet finished crossGrid packages need to be rebuilt.