crossGrid: Advanced Settings for the Master Server

The General Tab

In the General tab, you can define basic properties of the selected Master Server.

Enables editing the name of the Master Server.
Enables associating the Master Server with a relation. This is only necessary when using the Linguistic Supply Chain Management.
Shows the connection details of the Master Server.
Enables sending messages to the Master Server when you accept or reject a crossGrid package of this Master Server. To use this function, enter the e-mail address of a user on the Master Server.
Enables an automatic project export on your Trusted Server side prior to the delivery to the Master Server, e.g. for archiving purposes.
Additionally, you can determine that crossDesk comments that have been added by internal or external users on your Trusted Server will not be sent to the Master Server.
Automatically apply pre-translation and machine translation (if configured) when retrieving tasks
Enables the automated pre-translation of tasks received. This can even be done with the help of MT, provided that your Master Server permits this.

The "Data Usage" Tab (Read-Only)

The Data usage tab displays the data usage settings that have been selected for your Trusted Server on the Master Server side.

The "Rights" Tab (Read-Only)

The Rights tab displays the rights you have been granted by the Master Server.